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Microneedling & Cosmetic Acupuncture in Boston

Cosmetic Acupuncture & Microneedling - Johnston Family Acupuncture

Microneedling & Cosmetic Acupuncture can help you feel more confident as you age naturally.

Microneedling is used to treatment an area of your skin (most typically the face), where you would like to decrease fine lines, age spots and plump up the tissue. This treatment can be done every 4 weeks, so to see faster progress, many use weekly cosmetic acupuncture treatments to support their Microneedling improvements.


We at Johnston Family Acupuncture want to help you better manage your natural skin care so you can focus on what’s really important. We’re licensed by the state of Massachusetts to practice Microneedling and Cosmetic Acupuncture in Boston.

How does Microneedling and Cosmetic acupuncture help my skin?

A Microneedling tool is used to stimulate the collagen and healing processes in your skin. While the skin begins to heal, hylauronic acid and a customized Chinese Herbal serum is massaged into your skin to decrease fine lines, age spots and blemishes. Cosmetic acupuncture is then used to focus on deeper wrinkles in the subsequent 3 weeks to promote faster healing. 


Are there other benefits to Microneedling and Cosmetic acupuncture treatments?

Besides the relaxing and calming effects of an acupuncture session, acupuncture causes your body to release endorphins and improve blood flow. This in turn can help other issues caused by anxiety such as indigestion, headaches and insomnia.


Is it safe to treat my skin with Microneedling and Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Generally speaking, acupuncture is safe regardless of your medical history or current medications. You may experience redness or a dry sensation on your skin up to 24 hours after treatment, but many don't even feel it! In addition, this is the safest possible way to work on your skin - no Botox or surgery needed!


To find out if Microneedling and Cosmetic Acupuncture in Boston is right for you, call us at 617-602-3868 to schedule a treatment.

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How long does it take to make changes in my skin?

Not long at all! Most patients will experience improvements after their first session, and will continue to improve while treatment continues. With a combination of 10 Microneedling treatments plus Cosmetic Acupuncture between each treatment will last 3-5 years.

What should I wear during my treatment?

We recommend that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing during your Microneedling or Cosmetic Acupuncture session. This serves to promote relaxation and allows us to access crucial acupuncture points more easily.

Are you thinking about Microneedling & Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Contact us at 617-602-3868, or book an appointment online.

What can I expect during a session of Microneedling and Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Your first treatment, you should expect to talk in depth about your entire health history. Then a physical exam will be performed by checking your tongue, pulse, and abdomen. Following the diagnosis, we will prescribe and administer the treatment protocol that will work best for you.


The first half of the treatment we will focus on your face; Microneedling, massaging the herbs, gua sha/cupping, and then a facemask. Next, needles are inserted in the rest of your body, followed by calming music, dim lights and a heat lamp to keep you relaxed as you rest for about 30 minutes. At then end of the treatment, depending on your issues we might use other techniques such as cupping, moxa or nutritional guidelines to help on your pathway to wellness.

How often should I have Microneedling and Cosmetic Acupuncture sessions?

We recommend seeing us each week. We will start with Microneedling, followed by 3 Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments. As that patern continues, you will see the dramatic changes week by week.


How can I start Microneedling and Cosmetic Acupuncture?


To find Microneedling and Cosmetic Acupuncture in Boston and see if this is right for you, contact us at 617-602-3868 to schedule an appointment.

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How can I start acupuncture treatment for Microneedling & Cosmetic Acupuncture?


To find out if Microneedling & Cosmetic Acupuncture is right for you, contact us at

617-602-3868, or book an appointment online.